Swans and Cygnets on Water

Swans on Water

Photographing swans is a relatively easy task especially if you live near a lake, pond or river where the swans are used to human contact and rightly or wrongly people feed them on a regular basis (probably best not to feed them white bread or rolls). Where I live swans are used to seeing people…

Loch Watten Swan Picture

Loch Watten

One of the pleasures of trout fishing on a loch is being able to share in the beautiful scenery, and later in a summers evening some glorious sunsets over the loch. While fishing on the loch I usually take my camera with me just in case I come across sunsets and wildlife I can photograph.…

Swan Picture 13

Swan pictures

Some pictures for this morning, Sunday 26th 2017. Seven new pictures for you to enjoy from our pictures of swans picture collection of digital images.