Photoblog Picture 22

Swan Pictures and Paintings

Pictures of swans and young cygnets. I have created a number of Painting images based on the featured image on this page. You can find these free to use with attribution images under Picture Paintings (this will open a new browser tab/page).  The Painting images were created using painting image software using my original photograph. For…

Swan Picture 13

Swan pictures

Some pictures for this morning, Sunday 26th 2017. Seven new pictures for you to enjoy from our pictures of swans picture collection of digital images.

Swan Painting Azo

Pictures and Paintings of Swans

Taking photographs of wildlife is a challenge and it often involves a lot of time, expensive cameras and telephoto lenses. I have none of these things to spare, well maybe now I do have the time, I do not have thousands of pounds to spend on digital camera equipment with lenses that allow me to…

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Swan picture 7


Swans are usually easy to photograph especially if you have a reasonable zoom lens that allows you to take up close pictures without disturbing the wildlife. When I came across hundreds of swans off the coast on the Tay Estuary a few years ago my camera was fairly basic (we are taking about camera technology in…

Swans and cygnets on a Loch in Scotland


Photography in the not so distant past involved a non-digital camera where the cost of either developing slides or printed pictures often meant one had to be careful in the number of pictures taken and you were often limited to 24 or 36 pictures in a roll of film. I purchased my first digital camera…