Swans are usually easy to photograph especially if you have a reasonable zoom lens that allows you to take up close pictures without disturbing the wildlife. When I came across hundreds of swans off the coast on the Tay Estuary a few years ago my camera was fairly basic (we are taking about camera technology in 2005) yet it still allowed me to photographs close up pictures of the swans which were close to the beach, and when the tide went out the swans were on the muddy beach feeding and I went reasonably close to them to take the pictures. Swans are often used to people and these swans were all tagged and obviously had no fear of people.

Below are a few pictures of swans taken near Dundee and close to Carnoustie in Scotland. There is more pictures on the pictures of swans main domain and on the swans page.

Swans Swan picture 2 Swan picture 3 Swan picture 4 Swan picture 5 Swan picture 6 Swan picture 7 Swan picture 8