Swans on Water

Photographing swans is a relatively easy task especially if you live near a lake, pond or river where the swans are used to human contact and rightly or wrongly people feed them on a regular basis (probably best not to feed them white bread or rolls). Where I live swans are used to seeing people in fishing boats although I would say they are not used to close human contact as they are not fed by people on a regular basis. Most people who go out trout fishing on the lochs in Caithness concentrate on fishing, not encouraging swans to get close to the boat.

While the swans on the lochs in this area of the north of Scotland are not frightened of people they are also not that interested in getting close to fishing boats, or people, so a reasonable zoom lens has to be used to take pictures of them. The pictures below were taken in the summer of 2015 while I was out on a 16 foot fishing boat with the sun just starting to go down. It ended with a lovely golden sunset. I have added more pictures on the swan page of the main domain. I hope you enjoy the pictures as I enjoyed the experience of seeing the birds on the loch that evening.

Swans on Water Swans and Cygnets on Water Swan on Water Swans on Water in the setting sun

Swan on Water pictures