Photography in the not so distant past involved a non-digital camera where the cost of either developing slides or printed pictures often meant one had to be careful in the number of pictures taken and you were often limited to 24 or 36 pictures in a roll of film. I purchased my first digital camera and moved into the world of taking many more pictures (not all good) and storing the images on my computer.  As time moves on everyone today has a digital camera, either as a dedicated point-and-shoot, a more powerful DSLR or built into their mobile phone. The World is saturated with images on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more platforms. And this is good. On this website I am sharing my pictures of swans and these images can be used under a Creative Commons Licence, ideally please give me a link back to this site or to the main domain https://www.picturesofswans.com – thanks.

Picture of swans and cygnets - 4

Swans and Cygnets

Swans and cygnets on a Loch in Scotland

Swans with young Cygnets

Photograph of swans and cygnets

Photograph of swans and cygnets